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In this article, we will tell you about all kinds of handicrafts made of clay and plasticine games for children. For convenience we have divided it into two parts:

1. In the first part of this article we will talk about the games and crafts made of soft clay. It is also called the dough for sculpting clay or Play doh. Modeling Dough is suitable to work with children from 1 year. It is very soft, plastic, pleasant to the touch, does not stick to hands. However, clay Play doh (dough molding) is not suitable for making clay figures, because parts of it poorly fastened together.

2. In the second part we will tell about the distributions of ordinary clay, which are difficult to crumple, but better stick. From it you can create complex figures.

As we have already mentioned, start familiarizing young children with the molding of the clay can have a year, but offer them no ordinary clay and dough for sculpting. Older children will also be interesting and useful to play with this stuff.

Here are some interesting ideas DIY Plasticine play doh and games with him:

Sculpt out of clay. Playing with Plasticine “Fingerprints”

Modeling Dough is ideal to make it prints all sorts of objects. Just roll the clay with a rolling pin and experiment.

Learn to do simple prints, you can try to create from them some paintings on clay or Plasticine.

The next time you go with your child for a walk in the forest or the park, bring with them different leaves (better to take the leaves thicker, with larger veins) and went home, took the unusual prints on plasticine. Simply attach the sheet rear side (this is the side where the veins stand out more strongly) to the dough for sculpting, top roll it with a rolling pin, then gently remove the leaf.

You can mix several colors, such as yellow and red, yellow and orange, and then you will get a cool autumn leaves.

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Another interesting artifact from clay – to make a print lace on it, and then cut out of this clay “lacy” figures.

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Continuing the theme of modeling clay …. On sale you can find sets for children’s creativity with Plasticine play doh.

They include, typically, different molds for the test. These molds can make imprints on Plasticine or cut from it figures.

Even in such kits Plasticine play doh includes special adaptations for making curved pasta.

and rolling pin with different texture.

By the way, if you own a home glue gun, you can make such a rolling pin themselves. To do this, pick up any items of cylindrical shape, draw on them with a permanent marker patterns, then apply to these circuits glue gun. When the glue is dry, you can roll out the dough for sculpting these homemade devices, leaving a beautiful patterns.

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Among the sets for children’s creativity with plasticine play doh, which we mentioned above, I want to highlight two – a “hamburger” and “Ice Cream Factory”. With their help, the child will be able to cook a meal for plasticine dolls, and this is a very exciting experience.

About cooking food toy of plasticine would like to talk separately ….

That can be molded from clay. Food toy from clay.

Soft dough for sculpting clay and play doh simply created for the preparation of the toy food. All kinds of cakes, pastries, sandwiches, pasta, etc. It can be molded from this clay. Just as learning to roll the balls and sausages child not interested in another matter, if it’s not balls and berries cake decorating or sausage for the dolls. Plasticine it serves food props for the games in the store or cafe, will treat the guests who came to the dolls. Dividing the cake into equal pieces for dolls, the child will get an idea of ​​fractions and division, and comparing the number of guests, toys and cakes Practice account.

By the way, do not throw away the box of chocolates, they can put the clay, you get a sweet treat for toys.

Lessons from plasticine. That the blind man from clay. Pictures of plasticine.

Proceed to the next type of handicrafts made of clay – pictures of plasticine. From clay to sculpt, not only they can draw pictures. More about plasticine drawing technique, see the following link >>>>

If a child is already big enough, his ability to sculpt from plasticine picture completely (as in the photo above). The kid will have to help. Make it in advance of the workpiece. Draw or paste made of colored paper: apple tree without apples, Christmas trees without Christmas balls, mushroom without white spots, ladybug without black tochechek etc.The child will have to roll himself balls or sausages made of plasticine and supplement them your workpiece. You can make the blank with your child. If you plan to use them repeatedly, the pre Laminate sheets.

The site games-for-kids.ru you will find a large number of forms for molding of the plate with the kids. Select and print on thick paper form you like. Read the instructions on the form. According to the instruction the child must roll plasticine balls or sausages particular color and to add their picture shown on the form.

Games plasticine. Sculpt from plasticine

For older children, too, can make blanks for molding of Plasticine. In the game with plasticine would be useful to make educational, developmental element: not just put dots on the back at a ladybug, and a certain number of them, for example, eight.

Another of the clay to sculpt letters spread geometric shapes.

Crafts from clay. Molded from clay for children

Another interesting type of handicrafts made of clay and natural materials – a mosaic of cereals, seeds and pasta on plasticine. Apply a layer of clay on a cardboard sheet and create.

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If the stick round clay jar or bottle, and then decorate it with plant seeds, you get a very nice vase, made with his own hands. We recommend that you read the article on our website , “How to make a bowl with his hands”.

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Hope you like these tutorials.

How to make fun giraffe from newspaper tubes – Step By Step

giraffe from newspaper tubes 1

From cardboard cut out of the sheet blank. We attach tubes – rails and begin pletenie.Dlya smoother braiding each tube add copper wire.

Scourge of about 14.5 cm and remove the wire karkas.Teper body will expand.

After 8 propletennyh series, we begin to develop head and neck of a giraffe.

Separately weave ears, horns, and nose of a giraffe.

Decorate zhirafa.Szadi we stayed korzinka.Ee can be left unchanged, but you can close the carton and place the back of a giraffe.

Glue eyes, fur, nose, and mouth.