Fridge magnets from CD’s

We first of all need the discs and cards. Find suitable also proved to be not so simple))) Most made on the basis of photos and drawn not found immediately. Getting Started)

Required Materials For Magnets:

  • CD-disk (better to take those in which one side is very smooth, without grooves)
  • Postcards (napkins, print)
  • Paint white acrylic
  • PVA glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • cardboard
  • acrylic paints
  • sandpaper
  • scissors
  • magnets

2. Drive the skins on both sides and gruntuem one layer of white paint with a sponge. 3. Cut the cardboard circles to cover up the hole in the disk. 4. On the other side, where irregularities greater glue the circle bigger. Since this is the wrong side of the magnet, it is advisable to not get rid of irregularities. A circle and then we’ll cover paint the magnet.

5. From the front of the glue smaller circles. How many depends on the thickness of the paperboard.

If there are slits and has a groove around the hole, it is possible to cover all the filler.

6.Snova paint with white paint, dry them, the hard way. 7. Now do postcard. Soak it in water does not last long, just a few seconds to wet the whole. If you overdo, paint nichinaet burst and slazit. Anyway, it happened on one of those, which I bought.

8. Then, very carefully foliate postcard. Again, if it is too wet, it will break, if not some dry completely, the top layer will come off smoothly, will remain scraps of paper from the lower layer.

9. Since the image was printed on both sides, I got two pictures.

10. We cover the image layer akrilovago nail to save the image. Dry them. 11. Glue the image to disk with white glue, carefully smoothing and expelling bubbles. Sushim.Soshkurivaem excess from the edges. 12. Make podrisovki.

13. We cover both sides lakom.Sushim.

14. To make the edges, you can use that will tell you fancy) I turned a thin white cord at hand. Glue on its edge with a transparent adhesive.

15. On the reverse side glue a magnet. You can use the magnetic plate, and it is possible small plastic magnets. 16. You can leave a white underside and can thus: 17. We hang on the refrigerator, admire and enjoy the familiar copyright-present)))

Thank you for attention!