How to make fragrant teapots – Step By Step

fragrant teapots 1

For we need: knitting fabric good extensibility (possible old sweater jacket small structures.) Smooth or textured monochrome or color, scissors, thread. needle, dense cardboard or plastic (can be washed), holidayer, honey. Clip version of small details and their holo fay erom filling.

Patterns of main parts: the body, the spout, teapot handle.

Fold in half and sewn on the machine, leaving open space. (see photo).

We gut-wrenching detail.

We fill holo fay erom. The open ends of the handle Refill inside. Housing teapot collect on the thread and pull off both sides.

Public allowances refueled inside and sutured. Just do the other side.

Open the edge of the spout is also slightly contractible on a string to the contents do not fall out, and for the convenience of sewing to the body.

We need two more parts: a base and a lid for the teapot. To do this, cut out of cardboard, but it’s better plastic two rounds, their size may be different, it depends on what type of teapot you are doing, but the circles must not be greater than the body diameter. From jersey of a different color or the same cut out more circles of 1, 5 cm.

Putting on a string and well contractible. On the lid, you can put the first filler, then circle out of cardboard, and then pulled away.

Type of finished parts lids and bottoms. Bedplate should be flat.

We work with the body. Long needle and thread connecting the two poles and contractible, but not much. Repeat step two – three times and fasten thread.

It turns bullseye effect. This is necessary to ensure that the finished product does not deform, teapots giving the flattened appearance and for easy sewing peripheral parts.

We begin collecting kettle

Blind stitch sews bottom of a first, then the cap, and then later the spout and handle.

A blind stitch is sewn twice. First stitches larger, second time Mellen Kimi.

Our tea is collected.

A bit of spice …

You can do this …