Vase with flowers – Mother’s Day Gift (Tutorial)

Mother’s Day gift – flower vases made in the art of paper cutting.

Long I stare at work Zulfiya Dadashov. Not so long ago bought a knife for cutting, tried to cut a Christmas tree for its MC. Cut I liked it, so I decided to do the work for the competition in this technique.

Author template:

Required Material:

  • paper white and pink,
  • knife for cutting,
  • a ruler and a tool for creasing,
  • scissors,
  • shaped punches,
  • glue,
  • pencil,
  • ribbon, rhinestones.

The finished scheme did not seek, I decided to draw itself. I admit, it did not work the first time.

He translated his drawing on thin paper and secure it with a stapler on white paper to cut, folded in half.

Cut parts with a knife. As the experience in the cutting I did not so much, it was hard to cut curved elements.

Then cut out the contour of the vase.

Based vases necessary to line 3 (probigovat) and folded on it, for the construction stability.

Top between the two halves of the vase paste leaf and cut it in a semicircle. This place is a decorative elements – flowers.

For the manufacture of each flower will need 3 different sizes of paper square. You need to add these squares in half and draw half of a flower.

I cut blanks for 5 flowers. Unbent their petals. And then glued blanks flowers with each other.

In addition the finished flower pasted dyrokolny little flower.

Next, the leaves made by a hole punch. And sticking them on top of the vase (pasted on a sheet).

After this has placed the flowers and glue them.

Midway flowers can be decorated with rhinestones.

At the bottom of the vase tied bow, covering only one half of the vase.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Beautiful beaded gerbera flower

Make a beautiful beaded gerbera flower: In this tutorial I have tried to show how to make a beaded gerbera flower. Flower made with beads – tutorial handmade beading a gerbera flower. 

Gerbera-a flower that is deservedly popular. His big, beautiful and bright colors attract attention. Plaiting single flower beads you will need approximately: 15 gr pink beads 10 grams of dark pink beads 3 grams of green beads a little dark cherry or dark purple bead wire, monofilament fishing line or a hard core, crepe paper and PVA glue. The calculation of the number of material produced for the Czech beads small number 11. PETAL Cut 50 cm wire. Dial the wire 3 dark pink beads and place them in the middle. Dial one end of the wire 5 more beads and thread them through the other end of the wire to meet. Continue further weaving scheme according to the petal. To fabricate flower petals 20-25 (in gerbera on the photo tab 21). Connect all each other, letting the ends of the wire between the last rows of adjacent lobes (photos 2-3). lobe diagram 1.

Cut 2 pieces of wire 10-15 cm, connect them together in a central point, the ends of the wire, spread to the sides, forming a cross (the axis midway). Nanizhite 11 cm dark cherry (dark purple) Bead for midway. Secure the end with low beads in the center of the connection wire segments. Lower bead wrap around each of the axes 4, having between them two beads in each row. Continue in this manner to perform rounded arc between the axles in each row increasing the number of beads, until you make the middle of a diameter of 4 cm. (Photo 4-6) The first 4 rows of beads, perform dark cherry (dark purple) color, strung on a dark pink beads (low 55-60 cm). 1. LOWER
lower part of the flower is configured similarly to the middle, using beads green. For its weaving require low around 70 cm. In the first row, use 3-4 beads to the center of the bottom of the hole to get a small (7 photos when I spun the first flower, it is in the photo, the hole did not and then had some work to do ). The diameter of the lower part of do a little more midway. 1. ASSEMBLY
ends of the wire to connect the petals gently, 2-3 coils wound one of them all the rest (photo, trying to create a perfect circle of petals. Skip bunched ends of the wire through the hole in the lower part of the flower (photo 9) and is connected by wire or transparent line (and line connection will be imperceptible). On top of this will look like in the photo 10. 1. Attach the middle of a gerbera and carefully attach it with twine. Attach the flower on the hard rod tightly strapped to his ends of the wire from the petals (photo 11). Cut the crepe paper strips 1-1.5 cm. Spread glue and wrap the rod of his crepe paper, starting from the top (photo 12). To stem is smooth, you can wrap the rod twice. When the stem is all wrapped

DIY: Wicker baskets pom-poms and ribbons

We are in wicker baskets are sold together with strawberries and I have gathered a considerable number of them already) I have found an interesting idea decorating like wicker baskets pom-poms and ribbons. The author offers a master class to use it as a wedding gift. You know what I would have to add? Would cover the visible parts of platting varnish … and the color for the pompons would choose a little bit different.

This master class is used to create a kind of device pompons. If you do not exist, do not worry, pompons can be done easily on a simple plug

Pompons used for half-woolen yarn from the yarn winding amount depends on the value with fluffy pompoms Whichever way you did pompom, cut it will still have) Basket is painted in the color of pompons. You can use acrylic paint, but I would advise a car spray. It lays down exactly, painting over all the hollows and crevicesTake the ribbon color, combined with a touch of pompons and sticks to braid as shown in the picture Handle wrapped with a ribbon basket Pompoms to basket glue hot glue or glue Moment “Crystal” From inside the basket and paste ribbon. You can lay out the bottom and silk

How to make newspaper roses frame

To decorate a picture frame, a mirror frame or the decorative piece you want, you can make newspaper roses, which are very cheap to make, since you can use old newspapers that you own at home, they Guarantee that special touch the more that everyone looks for the decor of their home.

To make these beautiful roses you will need:

  1. newspaper sheets
  2. scissors
  3. Common white glue
  4. brush
  5. acrylic paint with the color of your choice.

Start by cutting the newspaper sheets into wide, wide horizontal strips. Separate three strips. And then glue these three strips together, along their ends, forming a long strip of newspaper.

Then fold the long strip in half to crease. Unfold and fold the sides of the newspaper strip inward. Fold in half again. And now you’ll have a long, but sturdy newspaper strip to make your rose. Soon after, form the crux of your rose, kneading and curling the beginning of the strip. Then continue to wrap the newspaper strip around the created core, turning it gently from time to time, to create asymmetry, as in the original rose. And add a little glue on the inside of the strip to secure the piece. Now, continue rolling the rose and crushing it in your hands until it reaches the desired size. At the end, stick the tip of the newspaper aunt to fix. And paint and your rose with the color of your preference and the aid of the brush. And it’s ready!

DIY: Crocuses corrugated paper

Crocuses corrugated paper 1

You will need:

  • corrugated paper green (for stems and leaves), yellow (for stamens) and several colors
  • sticks or skewers for canapes (for stems)
  • PVA glue
  • scissors
  • thin wire
  • small vessel under a bunch

How do crocus paper?

  1. Cut rectangles of corrugated paper of any color in the size 8×4 cm. The paper is positioned in such a way that a longitudinal relief was held on the short side. Fold each rectangle in the “accordion” and cut 6 symmetrical petals. Gently curl the edge of each of the petals on a thin stick (eg toothpick).

2. Cut small squares of yellow, cut fringe on them, before reaching the edge of about a quarter of the size.
3. We turn off the item in a tube, tighter curl each narrow strip of fringe – it will flower stamens, dipped them in glue.
4. Winding-serdtsevinki stamens of the flower petals, superimposing them and gradually consolidating each subsequent adhesive tab.
5. Insert the skewer, fixing the petals on a stick with a piece of wire.
6. Wrapped with ribbon stalk, chopped of green crepe paper.
7. Cut pointy parts for leaves. To make bulk leaflets lightly wrap the edge of the perimeter.
8. Imposing leaves at each other, glue on each stem leaves 3-5.
Our MC for the crocuses used corrugated paper in different shades of blue, but you can use paper of different colors.

How to make floating cup with quilling technique

Floating cup Quilling technique 1

Today, we are creating plenty bowl. I’m sure you’re familiar with this popular man-made souvenir that is also called “floating cup.” Do it from a variety of materials, remain unchanged only the cup and saucer. As for us, we will focus on paper decorations – flowers and butterflies in quilling techniques. How to make a cup of blooming abundance with their hands

Materials and tools:

– Cup and saucer;
– Rigid wire or unnecessary spoon (fork);
– Thick green paper;
– Paper quilling;
– Quilling tool;
– A pair of scissors;
– PVA glue;
– Melt.

First of all prepare for the cup and saucer, will wash them thoroughly and dry.

Take a rigid wire (I – double copper). Instead of the wire can take unnecessary plug (quite tough, not of aluminum).

Bend the wire, giving it’s a form of:

A Dense green paper well crumples, and then smoothes – it’ll drape the wire. Wire wrapping paper. We attach basis for quilling composition suitable form.
One end of the blank is glued to the saucer via Melt. Give the glue to harden properly. The second end of the wire into the workpiece is pasted plates. Beautifully draping paper. Making flowers dandelions. Take a strip of yellow paper, with a broad end and a narrow one from another. Cut her “grass.” And, since the narrow end, to roll the strip to curl. Unveiling the bud and get a dandelion. From rolls of dark green color and the elements of the “drop” blue crocus buds do. Glue the flowers to the heart of our abundance bowl, prepare the composition. In a cup of “planting” butterfly quilling technique, made in an appropriate color scheme (as do those of butterflies, you can remember It would be possible to completely close the green background with flowers, but I felt that a part still to be seen.You can also use other colors to create quilling abundance bowl –  help you with this. Do not limit your imagination and you will succeed!

DIY: Beautiful bag making tutorial

Bag Happy moments 1

Prepare a casket next to pieces of paper and write on them the happiest moments of your life,
which will take place this year.
They will be so much. Individuals in a family where the young children – those happy moments happen every day.
You just need to write them down on a piece of paper and lay down in the box. Required Materials:
– box
– PVA glue
– glue Master (can be titanium, time, hot gun)
– cloth
– a piece of tile ceiling
– Ribbon
– Cord
– Stationery knife
– acrylic paint
– decoration “butterfly”
– a drawing or printout
– stick from the children’s prints (to work in the art I use this particular device – it is sold complete with engraving,
I tried to work and nail file and knife, but I prefer to put the cloth in the slot of the rod). Encircles the lid on the tile. But I made a circle on the tile smaller diameter. Somewhere on 5 mm less than that than to stick the cord. Draw drawing. Here we see that the circle cut from a tile smaller than the lid. Prikleevaem tiles to the lid. Pressed down and wait until skeleta. In the meantime, you can future casket. Clay PVA glue. Here the selected piece of fabric already glued at the edges and the adhesive tape to close the fabric roughness. But here there was. Tape planned to cover the same as on the box – pink. But it turned out to be less than the width. And I had to run faster and look at their holdings something suitable. It was found so that’s light green polka dots and went perfectly in size and color. And that box … The stationery knife cuts through all over the picture. And we begin to tissue slices to cover our drawing. Cut off about a planned Circuits appropriately sized piece of cloth. And with the help of sticks in the slots put cloth. Cut away the excess fabric.
And then rising above the remnants of fabric to hide in the slot with the help of sticks. Like this. And then I got carried away and forgot much work still to do at least a couple of photos.
The background that is crimson, I wanted to make a solid beginning.
But in the process in the field of acute leaves gathered pleats and had to save the image by five additional slots.
After the end of the circle cord.
And decorate a butterfly. Inside painted with acrylic paints.
Well, here you have also noticed that at the bottom is glued another tape. Initially, I  pink.
And when dressed cap, the upper band is not seen it, not promptness pink and light green tape immediately struck.
I immediately corrected this case)))))))
And on the side seam of the cloth to hide it a too butterfly. I like and I am very happy. Lids certainly not perfect and master this technique will notice the flaws, but I and forgive me))))))))) on the other hand Our two lucky moment already went to wait on December 31 !!!!!!
After reading the “happy moments” of the outgoing year the leaves can be folded into an envelope and mark the year of the memories!
A casket continue to fill with new highlights!
And so every year!
I think this is a great family tradition!
Help happiness be with you!That’s it. Thanks to everyone who has paid his attention and looked at
And a special thank you to those who leave your comments!
They are very important to me!
Be happy and do not forget to give happiness to their loved ones !!

How to make beautiful elegant flower scrap of watercolor paper

elegant flower scrap of watercolor paper 1

You see what a wonderful and elegant work! Luxury flower scrap of watercolor paper – the fruit of creativity of talented seamstresses Sony, co-author of the scrap project Education For Stampers & Cardmakers, Germany. I propose to look at the flower production and note how the image of the flower, depending on the use of different molds. Enjoy watching!

Stage humidification paper blanks

Without waiting for drying, forming petals