How to make floating cup with quilling technique

Floating cup Quilling technique 1

Today, we are creating plenty bowl. I’m sure you’re familiar with this popular man-made souvenir that is also called “floating cup.” Do it from a variety of materials, remain unchanged only the cup and saucer. As for us, we will focus on paper decorations – flowers and butterflies in quilling techniques. How to make a cup of blooming abundance with their hands

Materials and tools:

– Cup and saucer;
– Rigid wire or unnecessary spoon (fork);
– Thick green paper;
– Paper quilling;
– Quilling tool;
– A pair of scissors;
– PVA glue;
– Melt.

First of all prepare for the cup and saucer, will wash them thoroughly and dry.

Take a rigid wire (I – double copper). Instead of the wire can take unnecessary plug (quite tough, not of aluminum).

Bend the wire, giving it’s a form of:

A Dense green paper well crumples, and then smoothes – it’ll drape the wire. Wire wrapping paper. We attach basis for quilling composition suitable form.
One end of the blank is glued to the saucer via Melt. Give the glue to harden properly. The second end of the wire into the workpiece is pasted plates. Beautifully draping paper. Making flowers dandelions. Take a strip of yellow paper, with a broad end and a narrow one from another. Cut her “grass.” And, since the narrow end, to roll the strip to curl. Unveiling the bud and get a dandelion. From rolls of dark green color and the elements of the “drop” blue crocus buds do. Glue the flowers to the heart of our abundance bowl, prepare the composition. In a cup of “planting” butterfly quilling technique, made in an appropriate color scheme (as do those of butterflies, you can remember It would be possible to completely close the green background with flowers, but I felt that a part still to be seen.You can also use other colors to create quilling abundance bowl –  help you with this. Do not limit your imagination and you will succeed!