How to make Daffodils from quilling technique

Daffodils from quilling technique 1

Daffodils from quilling technique

 I present to you a craft on production of panels and postcards “Daffodils” in the technique of quilling (+ modular origami) using flow charts.

Materials: colored paper, colored cardboard, paper quilling, ruler stencil, toothpick, tweezers, PVA glue, glue “Moment”, a pair of scissors, a ruler, compasses, scissors curly, curly punch. Step by step description of the work:
1. Production of cards.
The basic element of our cards is narcissus flower in quilling techniques. For the manufacture of parts of the flower use technology card number 1 . 1. From ready-made strips of paper quilling, with a toothpick, twist tight roll.
2. Tight roll ready.
3. Dissolve roll on special stencil to the desired size.
4. Edge glue adhesive.
5. Make free rolls.
6. Surrendering free rolls on both sides, forming the shape of a sheet.
7. To produce the right amount of small leaves. Make midway flower on the routing number 2 . 1. Folded paper in two horizontal layers 1 cm cut.
2. Cut into small noodles free edges.
3. Using a toothpick twist roll with fringe, occasionally with white glue for bonding strength.
4. Fold the edges. Seredinka flower is ready! details ready. We will need 6-9 petals white middle, 1, 3 large green leaf. Glue the parts together to form the flower and leaf. By routing number 3 to make a flower bud. 1. From ready-made strips of paper quilling with a toothpick, twist tight roll.
2. Tight roll ready.
3. Gently squeeze the roll center – turned sepals.
4. Fill with white glue for strength.
5. Insert the roll sheet. Dry.
6. Craft Bud 2. Stick the stems. Elements flower ready. Basis. To obtain a basis to make a square shaped .
Draw a square with sides of 14.5 cm.
Carry out diagonally.
From the center of the intersection of the diagonals draw a circle with a radius of 5 cm. Cut the square and the inner circle curly scissors.
Angles issue figured punch. Details cards ready. 3. Assembly. On the basis of bright stick shaped square. Glue the flower and leaf glue “Moment”. Glue the flower buds. Card is ready! Well, stylish !!! 2. Panel “Daffodils”.
To produce panels on the routing number 1 to make 18 pieces of leaves in white, on the routing number to make 2 3 midway.
For manufacturing we use the leaves of the technological card number 4 1. combs secure with PVA glue the first round of paper quilling.
2-3. Make the length of the necessary number of turns, each time increasing the distance of 3-4 teeth.
4.Zakonchit sheet, glue the edge of the paper.
5. Remove the sheet from the combs.
6. Gives the sheet the desired shape. To produce a sufficient amount. Details panels ready. Glue panels on the bright parts based with glue “Moment”. For the manufacture of frames required triangular modules in the origami technique.
Produce triangular modules routing number 5 . 1. Fold the rectangle exactly horizontal.
2. Fold the rectangle to define the vertical center line to deploy.
3. Bend the upper edges to the center line.
4. Turn over.
5. Fold the lower classes up the drawing.
6. Curl on drawing.
7. Fold the lower classes.
8. Fold the corners of the folds, bend the lower classes.
9. Bend the triangle vertically.
10. Triangle module is ready! To make the frame modules red, yellow and orange in a sufficient amount. Assemble the modules by inserting into each other, rounding, alternating colors. Assemble the frame, glued on panels. Done !!! “Daffodils” in the interior.