Painted Plastic Bottle Caps Craft Tutorial for Kids

How can you recycle plastic bottle caps? Enjoying art projects and making crafts with kids are fantastic ideas for recycling. Ways to Upcycle Bottle Caps are some of the eco-friendly projects. Things that use for crafting- paints, stencils, tools and texturizers. Fabulous recycling ideas to inspire the everyone to turn colorful plastic caps into beautiful artworks.

The kids chose four colors of Decor Art paint.

Then portioned out the bottle caps into four bowls and started pouring paint in each.

We enjoyed mixing the bottle caps into the paint.

After all the bottle caps were covered in paint, we dug them out of the bowls one by one with a fork, then laid them on a flattened paper bag to dry overnight.

Once they were dry, the kids made all kinds of painted bottle cap artwork (with the addition of a few wooden cookie and tea party accessories)…

It’s a perfect rainy day or lazy weekend recyclable art project for the kids.

Hope you like this Painted Plastic Bottle Caps craft tutorial.

Image source: whimsicalkidscanvas

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