How to make imitation bricks on the bottle – Step by Step

imitation bricks on the bottle 1

You will need: a bottle filler, putty knife, a match or a toothpick, sandpaper (the smallest), acrylic paints.

Remove from the bottle label, bottle decreased and begin to work. Apply the filler with a thin layer of approximately 2 mm.

Level the surface with a spatula. With a toothpick or match conduct by the bottle line, which imitates the brickwork.

After complete drying of the coating will be overwritten by sandpaper.

Now we put a sponge acrylic brick color in 3-4 layers.

Once dry, paint the bottle of white acrylic paint – 1 layer

Again, we pass our brickwork skin.

That’s the result! And now you can use decoupage napkins or just varnish bottle