Little Red Riding Baby Boots Pattern Tutorial

The free pattern today is a sweet little pair of boots. Because every baby needs some boots. This style is simple and clean and could easily work for a baby boy or girl.I just love boots on babies especially young babies because they stay on better when there is something wrapped around the ankle.

They are soft and comfy with a strap and snap closure.

The button is just for looks but you know I love a button 🙂
It includes 0-3m 3-6m and 6-12m

Cut out your pieces. You will need 4 soles (2 reversed so you have a right and left foot) I used pleather for the outside sole since I think it holds up a little better. Then 4 toe pieces two outer and two lining, 4 Heel pieces two outer two lining, and 4 straps 2 for each shoe.

Start with the straps. Sew two right side together along the sides and curve. Then turn right side out and top stitch. Repeat with both straps.

Next for the toe pieces. Sew one lining and one outer piece right sides together along the grey dotted line. Clip the corners and the curve.

Turn it right side out and top stitch. Repeat with both toe pieces so you have two.

Next for the heels place the strap down near the top of the curved edge and have the raw sides together. Then place the lining right sides together, sew along the sides and top.

Clip the corners and curve then turn the heel right side out. You want two heel pieces like this but you want them to be reversed so the straps are opposite each other.

Then pin the heel in place to the soles (which should be wrong sides together) Sew the heel in place.

Then add the toe piece to the front. Sew in place. Clip all the curves on the sole.

Then turn the boot right side out and add a snap to the strap and side of the boot. Sew on a button for decoration and you are good to go.

Now you have some adorable little boots to keep those little toes warm.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: shwinandshwin

How to make beautiful home boots

home boots 1

NEED FLEECE CM 40-50 (depending on the foot size and height of the boots)
boots I sewed unlined HERE FOR SUCH Pattern

Because the Fleece THAT VERY stretches across THEN equity should choose TAK.VYKROYKA WITHOUT PRIPUSKOV.DLINNA INSOLES – FOOT LENGTH IS PLUS 1 SM.STOPU SHOULD mete IN VIEW OF SERVING PYATKI.SAMA insoles will be duplicated SO THAT ITS POSITION ON FABRIC It did not really matter.
SO: cut out FLEECE TWO INSOLES mirrored with an allowance of 1 SM.DVA bootleg AND TWO SOYUZKI.A well as from a more dense tissue are two more INSOLES ALLOWANCE (I cut out of old jeans, this detail is necessary for stiffness and finds inside What will not be visible) and two more Insoles with allowance 1 cm from a dense fabric – THIS IS SOLE

Whew should get
MORE sharing insole FLEECE AND FROM jeans and stitched by TYPING

PHOTO chalk to draw a “drop”, THERE I put sixteen .If stitching

Here’s what happened

I RESHILANEMNOGO STRENGTHEN THE FORM boots backs, also from DZHINSY.NA Photos show backdrops and about its location.

COLLECT vamp and bootleg, bootleg ON The sloping site makes a small incision

Fleece material is not “loose” so SEAM vamp and bootleg I DO NOT OVERLOCHILA .SSHIVAEM shafted along the back seam (ITS I do not OVERLOCHILA .no further this SEAM I divorce in different directions) but backs NEED OVERLOCHIT (Overlock for repair – I processed zigzags)
sewn backdrops

That’s how it looks like from the face and seamy side

CONTINUE MY camera down, I have to disappoint … And you yourself speculation.
Stitched footbed with a sole folding (JEANS IN) and stitch the top (bootleg ankle) with the assembled sole (insole FLEECE TO BE READY IN boots) SEAM IN BETTER TREAT Overlock.
Since I seamstress nevazhnetskie, namuchalas With piping, decided to use a satin ribbon. .LENTU Sew at two places along the circle, two lines at the edges of tape (INSIDE is threaded GUM) PLACE WHERE TAPE “BEGIN” and “ends” better to do on the inside of the bootleg, OR WHERE WILL vdalneyshem sew TAPES AND DECORATIVE ELEMENT.NACHALO END following bent inward to NOT TOROCHILSYA.

TOP I hem decorative stitches

WELL IN GENERAL AND ALL .VSTAVLYAEM gum -PUGOVITSU add embellishments, ribbons and TD
can also SEWING lined, different heights, CAN USE other tissues.
I will be very happy if someone then this record will be useful.