DIY Beautiful Arrangements for Party

The beautiful arrangements for party and bouquets of sweets are now increasingly using different colors of crepe, and cones, in my view, unfairly bypassed. I want to share with the inhabitants of the countries of the Masters, it is easy to make the cones and spectacular bouquets with them.

So, we need: scissors and a template from cardboard (less than half of the circle). Its size depends on the size of candy, which will pack.

Using the template cut blank, I use any wrapping paper.

Now we need the tape and candy.

We turn off the work piece into a cone.

We put candy.

Insert skewers and stifle the paper.

Teypiruem foot cone.

Cone is ready.

Another composition using cones.


DIY Cute and Colorful Tutti Frutti Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Today I’m sharing my newest party theme for I party I designed for my middle daughter who just turned 5! I always let all my kids pick their own party theme; though I will admit that I may steer them away from commercially licensed themes. When we were brainstorming themes for her party, she came up with fruit because orange is her current color obsession. From there, her Tutti Frutti birthday party was born!

I had a blast designing these tutti frutti kawaii-inspired invitations, and I just made them.

To welcome our guests, I also designed this “Let’s Go Bananas!” welcome sign to hang on our front door.

My favorite area of the party was definitely the party tables. I spied the fruity tablecloths last summer on clearance, which I knew would be the perfect table covering. I then purchased different fruit slice paper plates and cups.

Here’s a picture of the birthday girl standing in front of her cake table! I scored her fruit slice dress on eBay, and it matched perfectly!

Next up, the cake! Can you believe the cuteness that is going on here? At every party, everyone asks me, “Who does your cakes?” I’m spilling the beans right here, folks!

The most beautiful paper goods and made this layered and glittery fruit banner, as well as the fruit pieces on all the chair backs of the kids’ chairs. Her handiwork is truly divine!

Here’s another look at the dining tables—my favorite part of the party!

These fruit slice balloons provided some definite eye candy when you walked in the door and were the perfect table centerpieces for the dining and buffet tables.

I created this “Orange You Hungry? Let’s Eat!” sign for the food buffet table using the same cute kawaii fruit graphics from the invitation.

I found the perfect pineapple drink containers and filled them with mango lemonade—the perfect fruity drink for a tutti frutti party!

As an activity for the kids, I set up a play fruit stand area outside on our back deck. I had all kinds of play fruit, shopping bags, cash register, scale, shopping carts, play money, etc. I displayed this “Welcome to the Fruit Stand” sign on a tabletop at fruit stand. The kids all had an absolute blast shopping and selling fruit to each other!

For the party favors, I found plush kawaii-inspired pineapples. I placed them inside berry boxes and added someprintable tags featuring different fruits and matching slogans.

I hope you’ve been inspired by some of the tutti frutti birthday party ideas! It’s a party theme that just makes everyone feel happy, inside and out!

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: projectnursery