DIY beautiful brooches “Basket with flowers”

Today I want to show you the production of a small brooch in the form of a basket with flowers.

Required Material:

– cutting beads brown №12, №10 beads round brown beads round number 9 red (instead of white in the photo);

– crystal beads 4 and 6 mm;

– glass flowers and leaves;

– buckle for brooches;

– the basis for embroidery – Felt black and red;

– the skin (a small piece);

– copper wire of 2 mm and 0.3 mm;

– glue;

– cardboard;

– thread for embroidery;

– band-aid.

The first thing we draw the sketch. Separately traceable basket and playground for flowers.

Heavy wire arches handle baskets. We attach a form for her to handle lay between the parts of the pattern.

Place cut reserve bottom, wind a couple of times with a plaster. After that I paint detail golden acrylic paint (you can not paint if the beads are not very different from the color of this part).

Red felt cut-outs platform for colors, glue parts to the base for embroidery.

Sheathe small beads basket handle, starting from the bottom corner ledge surround is obtained

Rascherchivaem cells basket, fill them with embroidery.

Due to different directions of embroidery in the cells it creates the effect that the wicker basket.

Now fill the basket leaves, flowers and crystal beads Carefully cut off the excess felt. Sticking a piece of cardboard inside out – for rigidity.

The skin incision is made and a piece of threaded fastener into it for a brooch. Skin sticking buckle and cut off the excess.

The upper edge of the flowers I sheathe red beads on the scheme 1.

Sides and bottom of the basket – small brown in Scheme 2.

Between embroidery and edge I stayed clearance. To close it, I’m doing another series of beads around the embroidery. Now go to the decor of the handle. To do this, attach a length of thin wire in the corner of the pen close to the embroidery, dial the wire beads and wrap the handle. And the final touch – add a few leaves on top. Brooch ready.

That’s all!

I hope my idea is useful to you. 🙂

How to make a gift basket

I am sharing here an idea for dog lovers. A basket for keeping foods of dogs. Let’s start..

Required Material:

  • Mini dowels
  • Glue (white glue and hot glue)
  • Wooden beads
  • Twine
  • Sisal rope
  • Yarn
  • MDF
  • Door pulls (upcycled preferable)
  • Charm (optional)
  • Permanent marker – black
  • Black acrylic paint

Draw Your Image and Cut Base:

I started by drawing out the bone shape on paper. By folding the paper in half and only drawing out half the bone, you’ll get a more even shape once it’s cut out. I taped the paper pattern to a scrap piece of MDF and my husband cut around it with a jigsaw. He rounded the top edges perimeter with sandpaper to smooth the sharp edges and then painted it white. I marked the holes at 1/2″ increments about ½” in from the edge. My husband drilled out the holes with a drill press so I could insert wooden dowels into the holes. Using a drill press is a real time saver and each hole can be drilled to the same depth for consistency. The dowels act as the ‘ribs’ of the basket to support the weaving.

Glue Dowels:

I dabbed one end of each dowel into a bit of glue before inserting them into the holes.

Let Dry:

Once all the dowels were glued, I let it dry 24 hours. Then it’s time to start weaving!

Coordinate Colors:

Our friend’s new pup is tan and black, so I thought I’d match up the colour of the basket by combining the dollar store twine with some black yarn I had leftover from a knitting project.

Start at One End:

Tie a knot and attach the combined twine and yarn to the middle dowel at one end of the bone.

Start to Weave:

Begin weaving in and out around the entire shape.

Odd or Even: Determine If You Need to Change Direction:

When I got back to where I started, I continued in the same direction. Note that if you have an odd number of dowels, you’ll be able to keep going around and around. However, if you end up with an even amount of dowels, you’ll have to double back and turn around when you reach where you started. Have a look at the picture showing another basket that I made previously to see how to ‘double back’. You can see that towards the top, I looped around both dowels just to stabilize and hold the corner together.

Add a Decorative Element:

Our friend named the new pup Dot, so I added a charm with the letter ‘D’ to the front of the basket. At the exact centre of the basket, I opened up the link of the charm using two needle nose pliers and then squeezed it closed again around the twine and continued weaving.

Finish the Top Edge:

When you’re about an inch from the top of the dowels and you’re back to where you started, bring the end of the twine to the inside of the basket, but don’t cut it off. To finish off the top and create a nice edging, use a thicker piece of rope: fold it in half and loop it around the same dowel.

Add Thicker Rope:

Crisscross the rope around the dowels all the way around the perimeter of the bone until you’re back at the beginning again.

End the Edging:

To end the edging, bring both pieces of rope to the inside of the basket. You’ll use the end of the twine to wrap around the rope and finish it off.

Wrap Twine Around Rope:

Wrap the twine around the rope ends in a figure eight until it’s the length of the inside wall of the basket.

Glue Down to Inside of Basket:

Knot the twine and add some hot glue to secure the end to the back of the rope where it won’t be seen. Cut the end of the twine and the rope, then use hot glue to secure the rope to the inside of the basket so it blends in seamlessly. You can glue down the edge of the rope as well as putting a dollop on the base of the basket to keep the ends from lifting.

Top Dowels With Beads:

To finish off the top of the dowels, I blackened the ends with black marker then glued on some wooden beads.

The holes in the dollar store beads tend to be very inconsistent so I used my thin needle nose pliers to ream out the holes, making sure they would fit onto each dowel before I glued them in place. If you want to be picky about it, you can use a tiny wire brush to clear any debris from the holes before gluing on the beads. I added a dab of hot glue to the underside of a bead and then threaded it onto the dowel, continuing around until all the dowels were capped.

Add Grab Handles to Lift It:

In the planter basket I showed you above, I incorporated rope handles into that one so it could be lifted. Since this basket is much larger and heavier, I decided to repurpose some door pulls instead. They were originally saved from our old cabinets.

Upcycle Some Old Door Pulls:

The yellow oak with gold metal wasn’t going to work with my colour scheme, so I painted the handles to coordinate with the charm (I painted the oak black, then silver leafed and distressed the metal with more black). My husband gave them a quick spray coat of varnish in the garage, which we let dry, before I mounted them onto the basket.

Position Handles and Attach:

Measure to get both handles evenly positioned on each side the basket, ensuring you don’t cover up the charm on the front! You can insert toothpicks where you want the screws placed. I used some washers on the inside of the basket before feeding the screws through the weave of the basket. Use the toothpicks or thin needle nosed pliers to guide the screws through the weave and position the handles on each side. You’ll need a short screwdriver to attach the screws to the handles as the width is pretty narrow in the centre.


As a last step, shave off some of the longer sisal strands with scissors to neaten it up.

Fill With Dog Treats; Don’t Forget the Tick Collar:

The basket is now done and ready to fill with dog treats – and of course a flea and tick collar to protect the pup and keep her safe!

Give As a Gift or Keep for Yourself As a Dog Toy Organizer.

courtesy: Birdz of a Feather

Homemade small sewing basket

Today a boss and a little tutorial to make a cute little stitching bag, inspired by the scrap booking tote bags, which you will be able to see page 78 of my last book, Workshops, and sewing corners.

To make it, you need:
– of matching cotton,
– of interlining to stiffen and reinforce the small pockets
– of Vlieseline X50 or H630 (a little fleece and Thermo coll ante on one side) to give a holding to the basket.
– the bias (or bias) associated with the selected tissues.

Here are the templates of the different parts: pdf file to print the sewing margins are not included Parts A and A “bis”: long side of the basket where the handle is (to be cut 4 times in the fabric, interlining Colleton e) Parts B and B “bis”: small side of the basket (cut 4 times in the fabric, 2 times in the interlining ….é ). Exhibit C: backplane (2 times cut in the fabric, interlining 1 time in …..é ). And the sizes of the small pockets (sewing margins are not included)

Pocket d: large pocket of part A (to be cut once in the fabric and once in the interlining) Pocket e: small pocket of part A (to be cut once in the fabric and once in the interlining) Pocket f: medium pocket of the piece Abis (to be cut once in the fabric and once in the interlining) Pocket g: left pocket of B (to be cut once in the fabric and once in the interlining) Pocket H: Right B pocket (to be cut 1 time in the fabric and 1 time in the interlining) Pocket i:  left pocket (to be cut once in the fabric and once in the interlining) Pocket j: pocket (To be cut 1 time in the fabric and 1 time in the interlining) Step 1: Prepare the 4 sides of the baskets and the bottom of the basket ■ Draw and cut each piece in the outer fabric and inside the fabric by adding The margins of seams.

■ Cut parts A, B and C in the fleece fabric without seam allowance and attach each piece of fleece to the corresponding piece of the outer fabric. Wait about ten minutes before handling them again.

■ Sewing the handles of the parts A: Place the outer part An on the inner part A, right side up and sew the opening on the right stitch (place the fleece over you, redraw the hole on the fleece).

Using a chisel or wire cutter, slit the inside of the opening and crunch the ends.

Pass the outer fabric through the hole in the opening, position the pieces face-to-face and stitch the round of the opening.

Finally, bend the handle between the 2 markers. You get this:

■ Prepare sides B : place each inner piece on each outer piece, place against the place and assemble the top edge.

Turn over, place iron and stitch on place 0.5cm from an edge.

Step 2: Prepare the pockets.

■ For pockets, choose to border the edge that remains open, or make a simple hem if the fabric is thick enough, or double with another fabric.

Think about covering the fine fabrics so that the pockets have the hold and can contain the material that you will put in it.

■ Attach the pockets to the sides of the basket.

You can divide one of the large pockets of the sides An or Abis, by sewing straight lines that will make separations for your pencils, rulers etc.

We obtain the 4 sides thus, and the bottom:

■ Mounting the basket:

Scuff the sides and bottom. Assemble the sides together, then sew the bottom of the basket.

And return to the place:

So here is a small storage basket, to divert according to your desires (for children’s felts and pencils, makeup products in the bathroom etc), a gift idea more for Christmas approaching;)

How to make quilling basket of flowers bouquets

I really like to create thumbnails quilling wee bouquets for my friends. This model is quite easy to do.
The strips in any shade and shape the fold by the following images. Try using thicker paper, ie. Min. 120g / m2. Thanks basket better retain the shape. On a piece of paper, draw two circles (the first is 6.5 cm, the second 2cm in diameter). Put your card on a pad cork and of cover with foil, then it will sklejcie together elements (about 22), the second one in the middle of a larger circle. Wait until the glue dries.

I’ve always enjoyed making Quilled miniatures and flower baskets are my favorites.This model is quite simple and easy to make.

Roll and shape your coils, any color you choose.Try to use thicker paper, at least 120 gr / m2, this way the basket will keep its shape better and will not deform.On a piece of paper draw two circles of 6.5 cm and 2 cm in diameter.Place it on a corckboard, cover it with a plastic sheet and then glue the coils, Approximately 22 pieces, one by one inside the big circle.Let it dry.

Now sklejcie together the ends-receive slightly conical shape. Glue it to tightly twisted disc made from four strips. After drying glue uformujcie basket, generously repress the glue in the middle and in the Paste the basket respectively, cut a piece of Styrofoam.

Now glue the two ends together, you’ll Obtain a conical shape. Glue it on top of a tight coil made from four strips and when the glue dries gently press it to give it an elongated shape. Add a good amount of glue inside the basket and glue a piece of polystyrene.

Cover the Styrofoam piece of paper, add a hand basket – basket is ready. Fill it with any kind of flowers … in my basket was a butterfly.

Cover the polystyrene with a piece of paper, add a handle and the basket is ready.Fill it with any type of flowers you like … it’s mine I also added a small butterfly.

To obtain another invoice you can use the bezel to bars / crimper.

For a different texture you can use a paper crimper tool.

I hope that my course liked you and help you to explore the beautiful art quilling.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and That Will help you discover the beautiful art of quilling.

DIY: Weaving Newspapers Basket

In the form of a square weave.

From the corners of the square (in the same direction, for example, right) lay off equal segments. (In! You can easily prove the Pythagorean theorem) I drew the line, they will be in the middle of the product. You can do without them.

Bend on the weaving lines. We get the corners, which can be connected in different ways.

I complied with contrasting lacing tube.
Inside turned square. On the two sides of which there are stanchions and two of his other hand, we substitute them.

Propelled two rows of rope and performed Bending.

Here is the network from the side. Fairly roomy. When the primer it is possible to make the more big bulge.

I took the handle because of the purpose of something like candy, for fruits.

How to make Jute Basket

Overview on different sides.

Some photos curves were obtained.

Turns around.

And now MC. The most I have done the first photograph, but I think everything is clear. In a jar put on a plastic bag, wrap the top jute, gluing it, let it dry. When filming, we had to top a little incision.

For the fortress was held inside again jute. The thing I’ll tell you, boring and pretty tyagomotnoe. But vase on the fortress-like wood.

Paste bedplate.

Crochet 3 chains, missed PVA and left overnight to dry.

Glued to the sides.

I wrap the handle jute while its sticking. Tails cut off the braids.

I begin to decorate.

I do not give to dry, attach directly to the place. Raw petals well take any shape. I got the place of attaching handles.

Glue the bottom 2 more leaf and beads.

still leaves pasted.

Clay and leaf curl.

Clay curl on the other side.

Decorate further.

The bottom of the inside.

Easy to make paper basket

Gift with a nice easy-to-make paper basket that can have the elements and embellishments of your choice.

To make this craft you will need:

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Common scissors
  • Common white glue
  • Hot glue pistol
  • Common ribbons, jute ribbon, sianinhas, trimmings, rustic yarn, sequins, lace spikes, entremeios, and the trimmings you want to use to decorate your piece
  • Ornaments of your choice to decorate your piece
  • Structured papers of your choice and with the colors or prints also of your preference
  • Pedrarias of your choice and with colors also of your preference.

Learn How To Make Paper Basket
Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts. Then draw and cut into the chosen papers two rectangles, the size of your preference.

Glue one rectangle of paper to the other. Then divide this rectangle into three equal parts, and on the sides, make strips of 2.5 cm each and leave the center without scratches, but forming a wide strip in the middle of the rectangle in the lengthwise direction. In the square of the side, cut in triangle shape. Do the same on the other side. Cut the side strips. Raise the strips and the middle part. Attach the strips on one side of your piece and glue. Glue the triangle over the striped part. Do the same on the other side. Cut the handle, decorate it the way you prefer, with the ribbons you prefer, and stick it in your basket, with the ends of the handle having to stay inside. To finish your piece, just finish decorating your paper basket. And it’s ready!

How to make newspaper fruit basket

If the look of your kitchen is in need of a renovation, invest in a fruit bowl, which when completed does not look anything like a piece made from recycled material. And this fruit bowl is so interesting that you can even gift with it, because the result and the compliments will be the same if you gift with an industrialized piece.

– To make this beautiful fruit bowl you will need: basin with the following measures: 35 cm in diameter and 12 cm in height; 1 Basin with the following measures: 25 cm in diameter and 9 cm in height; 1 broom handle with 55 cm; 1 reel of cardboard with a diameter of 8 cm and a height of 14 cm; 26 barbecue sticks; 160 straws of newspaper; hot glue; White glue; Stiletto; scissors; pliers; screwdriver; Soldering Iron; string; Cardboard; Latex paint (with the color of your choice); And marine varnish.

  • Start by cutting the two cardboard bases, as measured by the diameters of the basins. Mark the center of each of the cartons and drill a hole that is sufficient to pass the broom handle, but do not leave it loose. Support the first cardboard on top of the bobbin base and glue. It will support the first base of the fruit bowl of 35 cm in diameter. Measure from top to bottom, approximately 5 cm and attach the second base with the diameter of 25 cm.

Then place the straw in the holes that are already marked, these will be the straight straw in the upright position. Then tie the 2 bowls (which will serve as shapes). After that, start a braid with 3 straps, next to the cardboard of the base. Continue braiding as follows, the last behind goes over 2 fixed and under the third. Now, make the second braid at the middle of the bowl. Make sure this braid is level in the middle of the bowl. Then repeat the execution of the braid on top of the fruit bowl.

Afterwards, to eliminate the rest of the tips of the fixed straws use one of the tips of the fixed and pass underneath the next one. Use the next, pass it under the first, over the second and under the third and cut the tip. And repeat this same process all the way back, remembering to always pull the ends inwards.

Now, repeat the same process of the braid and finish on the top of the fruit bowl. Then, for finishing the lower cardboard spool base, cut a circumference of 20 cm and glue to serve as the bottom base. Next, stick 26 BBQ sticks in the diagonal position mimicking the shape of a cone. Between a toothpick and another there should be a distance of approximately 4 cm. Afterwards, stick a straw next to the cardboard of the first fruit tree and go rolling and tying another 24 straws to serve as fixed. Now, with the same end that you were tying, continue making the weaving, reaching the end make a braid with the tips of the fixed. To finish paint your fruit tree with the latex paint and when it is dry pass the varnish. And it’s ready! This idea of newspaper fruit was taken from the Solidarium website .

How to make a gift basket at home


You will need a framework for baskets – cardboard, compass, scissors, toothpicks, glue, beads, two thin willow twig, a piece of ceiling foam, stationery knife, cloth width 30 cm and length 120 cm pink piece of red thin ribbon (for the manufacture of a bow).

2.Nachertit and cut out a circle of cardboard to the bottom of the basket.

make cardboard hole for toothpicks mount and secure them with glue. On top of the toothpick stick beads. two willow twig and secure them with glue on the cardboard base. tissue and make cuts a width of 2 cm to a length of 2 cm (6 pieces). gap tear tape from the underlying tissue. The each tape on both sides to remove the thread to form a double-sided fringe, leaving the middle of the ribbon axis 4-5. fix inconvenient place (hammer a nail into the board), and the second – to tighten up as long as the entire length of the tape is twisted spiral evenly. toothpicks twisted ribbon under the scheme 1 after1. The start of tape secured with glue to the bottom of the basket. handle baskets twisted tape, with a beginning and end of the tape glued. slab foam circumference equal to the circumference of the bottom of the basket and glue on cardboard. Prickles on cardboard and Styrofoam circle spiral fabric tape.
Tie of satin ribbon bow and attach the handle to the basket.