DIY Crafts: How to Make Cardboard Tube Pencil case

This tutorial shows how to make pencil case with a cardboard tube. In fact, with the help of a cardboard tube and amount of fabric with a zipper pencil case can be made interesting. Method of making such craft is very easy and low cost.

In this section the size of the desired size to provide some cardboard tube and part of it first as door cut it. And cut into two pieces of tape together and go to the next step

Then sew the fabric together and put into place the cardboard tube. And adhesive tape to earn up to a door opening and closing pencil case.

The pencil case pencil or items that you put in comes out.

Finally, you have been able to make a pencil case with a cardboard tube. I hope you enjoyed this.

Hope you like this “back to school” pencil case craft tutorial.

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Super Easy Hairstyle To Try For Back To School

Braided Back To School hairstyle:

Messy Bun with Knot Headband or any Bow

First pull hair up into a high ponytail.

When tying the ponytail around all the hair the last go round do not pull the hair all the way through. Leave at least a couple inches of “tail.” This will create a bun.

Pull the bun tight by the ponytail.

You can then add your knot headband or you can add your bow to the back of the bun to create a fun hairstyle!

Knot headbands (We also have these in stripes and other prints.)

Hair Bows

Here is one that is fun but takes a little more time.. 🙂

Braided Pigtails with Bows

First, you will create two even sections for your pigtails. Once hair is parted all the way down the middle you will want to clip one side out of the way.

Step 2: Take the top half inch section of the first section of hair from the part to begin the braid. Now divide that section into three parts to start your braid. **Create fists with hair in each hand.Make sure your pinkies are touching her head. By keeping your hands close to her head makes for a tighter braid.

Drop the middle piece of hair and bring it toward the front. Grab a small section of loose hair to draw into the braid with the piece of dropped hair.

Pick up that hair with the hand closest to the forehead. You should have three pieces in your hands again.

Now drop the current middle piece again and grab a small section of loose hair to draw in with the dropped piece. Pick up the hair using the fist toward the back of the head.

Repeat those steps until your braid reaches the bottom of her hairline on her neck.

Once you reach the bottom of her hairline, continue with a normal braid for an inch, and then band it. This will help keep the braid tight without creating tight pulls in the braid that will yank her scalp.

You can then leave the remainder of her hair loose in a ponytail (like pictured) or braid until the end of her hair.

Now follow these steps for her other braided pigtail.

After finishing both pigtails you can easily slide a bow with an alligator clip in right above her elastic hair tie.

courtesy: The Hair Bow Company