A Square around mini scrapbook step by step

A Square around mini scrapbook


This square mini scrapbook also goes by the name of a carousel mini album or you may have seen it around as a  room mini album.

It is a cute little mini book that you can display on around your home.


Four 12″x12″ Scrapbook card papers


Two 6 1/8″ chipboard or cardboard for the covers


Scrapbooking embellishments


Scissors or craft knife, pencil, adhesive – glue or double sided tape


two lengths of ribbon approx 12″ long


Step 1.

Take a sheet of the 12″x12″ card and fold it in half horizontally. Now fold it in half again, this time vertically.

Step 2.

Now take the sheet and flip it over. It should now be face down. Create two diagonal folds. Flip it back over and open the sheet out.

Stick a thin line of double sided tape along the top left side from the top corner down to the horizontal fold.

Step 3.

Fold up the bottom left corner while bringing together points A and B and stick it down on to the tape. This will form a pocket that you can stick tags into.

Step 4.

To keep the album firm, stick together the backs as shown in the picture. Run a line of double sided tape along the edges and press firmly together.

Now you have formed one signature or group of pages for your album.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1-4 for the remaining three sheets of 12×12 card..

Step 6.

Fold each set of pages flat adhere them together on top of each other with glue or  double sided tape.

Step 7.

Once all the pages are stuck together lay it down on your work surface with and mark a point down the center outer side of the assembled album. Adhere the ribbon with double sided tape. Repeat for the other side.

Step 8.

Create your covers from chipboard, embellish however you like.

Stick your covers to the album pages over the top of the ribbon ties with double sided tape or glue.