How to sew fairy beauty – Step by step

Fairy beauty – my version keeper cotton discs and sticks. Idea-keepers dolls cotton discs and sticks is not new, but I’ll show you my version of this beautiful and necessary pupa. My keeper almost everything is different from the traditional tilde, from it there was only myself storage idea. If you want to get yourself or as a gift is not only beautiful, but also practical doll, my master class can be helpful. Let’s get started!

Required Materials:
  • Cotton fabric for the body and dress dolls. I prefer natural fabrics from America, Germany, Korea, Japan. For this pupa I took German and American tissue mint and gray colors.
  • Sewing thread to match the fabric. For the body and head dolls, it is desirable to use a strong thread to avoid tearing during stuffing. I like reinforced, 45 pp.
  • Filler for the doll. This can be sintepuh, hollofayber. I use hollofayber.
  • Cotton lace to decorate the doll dress.
  • Waxed cord or other strong cord to create attachment.
  • Elastic underwear width of 0.5 cm to the removable skirt.
  • Wool Felting – for doll hair.
  • Two buttons for hanging cotton discs.
  •   Packing cotton discs. I am using in their pupae packing on 80 disks, they are well suited to my height fairies.
  • Jar with cotton buds. I chose a jar of 100 sticks, it is small and does not look bulky in small puppet handles.
  • Artificial lashes for dolls.
  • Materials for decoration jars with cotton buds. It all depends on your imagination. Shells, marine items, decorations of plastic, foamirana, wood, fabric, lace and so on – the list is endless. For the pupa of the master class, I took a few flowers and leaves of the apple foamirana.

Tools and supplies:
  • Sewing machine. With a strong desire, you can do without it, but the machine greatly facilitates the process.
  • Needles, pins conventional and English
  • Scissors: Manicure, fabric and pinking (zig-zag) if there is. Also for cutting threads convenient to use scissors-snippery
  • Needle Felting.
  • Acrylic paints.
  • Acrylic lacquer.
  • Brushes: thin – for painting the face and thicker – for varnishing.
  • Dry pastel – for toning the face doll.
  • Tools for packing. I use a stick to sushi.
  • Glue: Transparent versatile, super-glue, fabric, PVA glue.
  • A piece of cardboard or plastic bottoms.
  • A small piece of soft lint-free cloth. I have a fleece.
  • Washed off or Disappearing marker for tissue or tailor’s pencil – for transferring the pattern onto the fabric. I use a pencil, because it leaves a thin line.
  • Thin double sided tape.
  • Simple pencil.
  • Pattern. For each pupa I am a little changing the pattern, so working patterns I have a few. Here’s a variation of one of them:

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