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DIY Beautiful Round Box For Small Items

Today I am sharing an idea about round box for small items…
Let’s check how to make round box for small items….

Required Material:
– beer and bookbinding, stationery cardboard;
– kraft paper;
– calico two colors, linen;
– linen lace;
– Clay time carpenter glue Moment Crystal;
– and in a good mood.
To begin, cut out 4 binding cardboard circle with a diameter of 14 cm.
Then the walls – 8 pieces of 14 cm long and 4 cm in height, made exactly in the middle slot – 2 cm.

Kraftoovoy of cut paper strips them and sticking to the walls of the partitions, and then the bottom of the circular compartment boxes.

While I have dried out blank of cardboard cut beer four strips 4.5 cm in height and on one edge, immediately taped a piece of kraft paper.

Clay Moment Crystal greased edge circle and the free edge of the kraft paper, as well as edge strips, and then wait 5 minutes and began to stick to the sidewall of a circle, pressing firmly.

For a reliable fixation of the bottom, further cut a strip of kraft paper.

Pull – stationery cardboard or cardboard can be taken for children’s creativity or cardboard boxes from under cereals, etc., this board is sufficiently dense and holds its shape well, despite the fact that it is thin. Cut first bottom fabric and cardboard, all of pasting glue torque Joiner, evenly distributing the glue on all the surface of the workpiece using a foam roller.

While the bottoms dry, do sidewalls, as you can see in the photo, only sizing the bottom sidewall, top left free.

Combine pasted bottom sidewalls with the edge of the bottom and also pasting, the free edge of the fabric, are folded inwardly and incised, pressed tightly and land.

Made of thin cardboard, cut into triangles and paste them with a cloth edge is left free, they will bend to the side walls side.

Coat with glue and insert the bottom of a down, watch for so that the edge of the fabric smoothly bent on the side cover.

Then cut from paperboard blanks angle when corners are taped, executes a circular sidewall.

The upper edges – decorate linen lace.

Now came the turn of the box base. In order to bend the flat surface, taken as a basis for a 5-liter bottle from under the water, her twisted and bonded masking tape – cardboard. Then take a beer carton, it is soft enough to be folded, cut two pieces of 20 cm, width 48 cm, are coated with glue, glue them to each other and cardboard becomes very soft until it is dry – wrapped around the bottle, then we must make sure that it does not twisted, I fix the cut masking tape and land hairdryer.

When the base is dried, cut it into two equal parts and their light flux paste inside, leaving 0.5 cm on the extension and immediately all land hairdryer, preventing disintegration cardboard.

Once the base is dry, mark, as I stand round branch boxes between them, should be a gap in the 0.5-0.7 mm from the edge – top and bottom have to retreat to 0.2 mm.

I do another perform – is the front, it will be wider than the inner 2 cm, to pane came to each other. Tissue base I consist of two parts, I joined them on the sewing machine.

Round shelves are glued to the bottom – on the glue Moment Crystal.

When the foundation is well dries, cut two pieces for the bottom and the lid, they have me consists of halves, pasted them on the glue Moment Crystal. I fasten the handle to make it convenient to push the box.

It remained for the small – decoration and cover the bottom of the box. I fix them as the glue Moment Crystal.

And casket stands ready, at the very domes sitting small needle bed, with a coquettish bow of satin ribbon.

Casket opened and closed

I wish you creative inspiration 🙂
courtesy: livemaster
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