How to Make a Pencil Holder with Popsicle Sticks

We suggest you try this because instead of just throw the “unnecessary” thing (empty can), you get a very desired, such as pencil holders.
We offer to make an unusual decor banks wooden sticks. We have created such a lovely pencil holders and in this master class, we want to tell you how it’s done.

Required Material:
Wooden Sticks (flat). These can be sticks for ice cream or bamboo garden labels.
Acrylic paint.
Narrow rep ribbon.
5.List porous rubber 2mm thick.
Thermal adhesive gun.
Scissors with pointed ends.

Before you begin decorating the banks, it is necessary to process the upper edge. All sharp protruding bulges need a hammer or other heavy object, or a file to file. Once the edge is processed, you can begin to work on the decor. In this master class, we used a bank, circle the walls which is 25 cm., Respectively, it took us 25 pieces of sticks, the width of 1cm.

With glue gun glue sticks to the can, one after another. Trying to glue them as close as possible to each other.

Sticks must be chosen as the curves, which may adversely affect the results of our work can be found more or less equal since some of them are,

Thus, sticks plastered all we can.

Since the bank we use, almost half below the height sticks, its inner part is almost not visible, so it does not have to decorate.

Further, all sticks painted blue acrylic paint. The paint dries quickly, covers well the wooden surface and after drying it does not stain your hands.

The next step was that we pasted jar at the top and bottom of the narrow rep ribbon. To do this, we have also used the glue gun.

Decorating element has been decided to make a flower out of foam rubber. For this paper, we have drawn template-harvest and cut it.

With a paper flower to a sheet of foam rubber, the sharp end of the scissors we circled outline. On a soft rubber surface was a clear trail that is easy to cut out the desired shape us.

According to this principle, we have prepared a sufficient number of flowers.

With hot melt glued to the wooden surface florets banks.

The middle of the flowers issued by gluing pink.

Once all the glue dries, the jar is ready for use. From it came out very nice pencil holders. Try it and you make the decor tin cans with their own hands and finally get an exclusive little thing desired.

courtesy: masterclassy

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