How to make organizer for the needlework

Beautiful organizer by our own hands? Let’s see how it works.

Base 2 parts – Binding cardboard.

Then, from the same cardboard carved pocket 3. Has made scoring folds, then a linen cloth, plastered all three pockets, used for this purpose glue Moment Joiner. Gum helped fix sidewall pockets, until the glue dried up. For home decor used thin cardboard, covered with a contrasting fabric.

Then, in front of the foundation construction knife made slit width of the slit – the thickness of cardboard. Example – all came up)))) View from the inside out. I removed pockets and pasted the same linen cloth, the front of the base. The edges of the cloth, so as not to crumble, fixed with adhesive gel Moment. Pockets into place. Now the most interesting – the decoration of the organizer, side pockets on the front, decided to make the needle bar inside – foam. Then you have to take care of the thread – where to put them. For this I took – the piece of wood and bamboo sticks. Drill a 45 degree angle holes and plastered cloth strip, then he has done with an awl holes, under the pins. Glued pins – super glue. Trim that I have left over from cutting pockets, all went to work. For Kant, I cut cardboard, 0.7 cm wider than the edge of the base and the first taped contrasting fabric, then a cardboard edge and closed his protruding cloth. It remained for the small – to close the second portion of the base, the back side of the organizer. Thank you that made it to the end.


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