How to make ribbon basket

Tools and materials:

  • cardboard
  • wire
  • narrow strip
  • corrugated paper
  • needle

Draw the desired shape of the basket, twigs do (I have this wire, wrapped with corrugated paper) and glue the top and bottom of the narrow strips of cardboard for binding Now we need ribbon
one end inserted into our frame And weave as in the photo Then take the other end of the ribbon and weave as in the photo
For better convenience, insert the needle ribbon protract

Then in the same way: enter the ribbon on the first tape to the riser and display them at the bottom of the tape Gently tighten the ends of the
start of the second series, and now the same end of the weave as well as that over, then under the riser So weave until the end Dopest last row and carefully cover their tracks on the wrong side Next, you need to decorate the top and bottom baskets To look basket volume it needs to be stuck on a piece of cardboard in several layers Adding wire Tape Basket ready and it can be filled with flowers

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