How to make callas of salt dough

leaning against a piece of paper to the screen of the monitor simply copied work 21 to 30. As a leaf pattern, I used a sheet of anthurium (I like his veins), but you can just cut the pattern of the desired shape do 10 of these leaves – 6 large and 4 smaller Put the dough on a sheet cake and is rolled with a rolling pin Encircles the stack our list separate the

Draws stack streaks Is rolled out of the corner, making them thinner All Templates keep in the package The leaves are smaller tak. list for the test and the stack is cut sheet smaller than the template For colors do the first ball Then this cake roll turn off You can finger we do stalk forming flower We laid on the drawing presses edge, insert into foil thus laid the flowers in the pattern so do bud collect flowers to the cake first leaves
then flowers …. And then, without waiting for drying, green … well wrung wipe lightly brush with green paint semi-dry brush we put green gouache from the edges to the center Flowers painted white gouache, a little toning inside and outside green.Buket without varnish done separately, painted, varnished and then stuck in place Here’s what happened. For background fiberboard covered with wallpaper, painted light yellow gouache, toned light green in the corners and along the edges View of the wall of the flash laterally from above template

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