How to make beautiful garland of balloons

We need balloons with a diameter of 20-25 cm (10 or 12 inches)

Inflate balloons.

It is necessary to calibrate the balls at the same size. To do this, we need to make the calibrator with the required dimensions garlands (we homemade particleboard shny calibrator defined sizes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 cm) Here is an example of manufacturing a garland of 25 cm. The calibrator can successfully replace any capacity (bucket, pot diameter require

Balls must be strictly calibrated by size. It is best to do the calibration on the long side of the ball – from head to tail.

Calibrated balls couples relate to each other

Better use of quality balls from Italy, Belgium, Colombia, Mexico and Portugal. Balls in China, unfortunately, are at a 50% defective. Quality balloons are made of natural rubber latex, thereby, tires easily stretched.

We need to get here are blank. An important point: floors must be clean, without shavings, sand and dirt. This photo shoot took place in extremely unfavorable conditions for the balls. Please take into account the remark about the purity of the surface, because It depends on the length of life of the balls

Twist resulting each other, in the end should turn out here is the link – the main components of garlands.

Like this.

To bind a garland, we need to prepare the rope. Suitable conventional underwear. Lesko and nylon thread used is undesirable because of the high probability of a cut latex pulling.

The end of the rope must be tied to anything.

Getting links from stringing balls on a rope. At the same time it is necessary to twist the rope between the balls, making one turn around each world.

Like this.

The next link is imposed against the first staggered. Thus we get a spiral pattern.

And since each other. It is important not to break the pattern sequence.

Like this.

Link by link are arranged in a beautiful garland.

Make a garland of the required length. When inflating balloons with a diameter of 20 cm to 1 meter garlands should be 7 to 4 units in the world. When inflating the balloons 25 cm respectively 6 units on 4 ball.

Street installation should preferably in calm weather by 2-3 assistants, trying to make mounting with less acute angles surfaces.

Remember, garland hung on the outside, live a lot less than the set indoors. During installation, it is desirable to have available spare balls in case of bursting of the ball in the chain.

Type of finished and assembled garlands

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