How to make a paper crane

Crane – a symbol of wish fulfillment. Cranes can be, for example, decorate a corner in my room:

Make a curtain of cranes lib mobile.

Well, how to resist and not to get to work (desire in all of us and is always there – in store))) Prepare a sheet of paper with color – eg the white color and the sides – so you will be easier to navigate while working.
We proceed to the manufacture of the crane.
1. Expand the list. Svernite sheet diagonally colored side out. Then, the resulting triangle folds in half and then fold the triangle in half, aligning the fold line.
Expand the list and place the colored side to the table.

Squeeze together the two corners of one diagonal Fold them into the bottom corner, addressed to you Fold the second part as well, lowering the upper corner of the sheet. Here’s what happened. Inside can be seen rolling in “side” squares. Upper square lift.
7. Install the outer edge of the sheet already tucked into the folds of the surface right, combining a central fold line to the edge of the napkin.
Also do and left. 8. Here’s what you should have. 9. Turn the folded sheet, repeat the last two steps with the other half of the sheet 10. Right angle remained at the center of the sheet, turned his sharp outer corners. The folded sheet must lie an acute angle to you. Hold the center of the blank hand, wrap the inner corner towards the first right. urting the fold line. The result was the tail of a crane. The blank will take the following form: Similarly, make left corner lies within wrap outwardly. This neck.
Bend of the acute angle. Get your head crane. Front view of the head. Hurting the fold line. turns away from the workpiece two other angle – wings. denote folding lines for the wings. Expand the sides wings. Crane is ready!

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