How to make a gift basket at home

You will need a framework for baskets – cardboard, compass, scissors, toothpicks, glue, beads, two thin willow twig, a piece of ceiling foam, stationery knife, cloth width 30 cm and length 120 cm pink piece of red thin ribbon (for the manufacture of a bow).

2.Nachertit and cut out a circle of cardboard to the bottom of the basket.

make cardboard hole for toothpicks mount and secure them with glue. On top of the toothpick stick beads. two willow twig and secure them with glue on the cardboard base. tissue and make cuts a width of 2 cm to a length of 2 cm (6 pieces).

gap tear tape from the underlying tissue. The each tape on both sides to remove the thread to form a double-sided fringe, leaving the middle of the ribbon axis 4-5. fix inconvenient place (hammer a nail into the board), and the second – to tighten up as long as the entire length of the tape is twisted spiral evenly. toothpicks twisted ribbon under the scheme 1 after1. The start of tape secured with glue to the bottom of the basket. handle baskets twisted tape, with a beginning and end of the tape glued. slab foam circumference equal to the circumference of the bottom of the basket and glue on cardboard. Prickles on cardboard and Styrofoam circle spiral fabric tape.
Tie of satin ribbon bow and attach the handle to the basket.

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