How to change the matted hair on the doll’s head to the new – Step By Step

We need the scissors, about 100 g of yarn (the little head out and even less than 50g). cut into yarn on a yarn length as we need to. Note that at the back should be longer thread than under the back of his head. This is useful if the yarn is small and it is necessary to save her.

Now we still have a long special needle. I bought this for 16 rubles in some ordinary sewing.Ona was so acute that the ability to all the fingers in the blood hair while I was doing. Be careful with it and do only when your children went to bed (for their safety).

Here’s a needle needed.
Now we start to work.
Stick the needle from the top down, as the top is more convenient if the head of a Barbie can be on the top and bottom. In my case, only the top down. On the head-holes were points from the previous hair that’s in there and stick the needle and take it out of the head, so you can thread your hands to grab. By turns (close together) are stuck on queue 3 strands and remove them from the head. Then, exactly 3 strands bind simple single node in a single whole. 3- Why? If 2 unit- long if more than 3 begin to constantly get confused when the top pull-up, tired hook correct.

Now, I’ll show how I fix the thread 3.

Next stage- should carefully pull all these strands 3 upstairs. We carefully pull slowly, alternately pulling the thread of one or the other, and then immediately pull all 3. Look inside, if not all sput Anno STI- well. Begin to make the other 3 threads.

And so on all head, fastening thread 3. Made strands in a braid or remove the anchoring rubber so as not to interfere with our work.

As a result, we get just such a head dolls.

But other dolls, which have undergone a -the hair restoration. Now those restored dolls have a lot. Priznatsya- I am delighted with such hair.

Thank you for your attention!

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