How to make glass christmas candlestick – Step By Step

To work you will need:
glasses, napkins to decoupage with Christmas motifs, glue for decoupage (PVA can be used)
two-step or other krekelyur KREAL krekelyurnaya couple, acrylic top coat, glitter, white or silver liner,
acrylic colors: black, ivory, blue,
brush with a foam tip,
glass cleaner, translucent gel pearl paint for decoupage.
Degreasing liquid glasses for glasses. Cut the cloth desired motif with a round object

Cut and separate the top layer of napkins

One of the lower layers of cloth glued to the glass, trying to avoid the formation of wrinkles. Liberally grease for decoupage glue or PVA glue, cloth must be completely saturated with it

With a sponge paint cloth translucent pearl gel. Because of this, our theme will be more pronounced, retain partial transparency

That’s how it should turn out

Cover the glass with acrylic lacquer. Now it is white in the picture, and after drying becomes transparent. Cover several layers, the surface must be absolutely smooth.

Gently and evenly applied 1 step other couples. After 15-20 minutes (must be a state of stickiness) is applied  №2.

sprinkle with glitter

Dry the hair dryer for the manifestation of cracks

Glue cloth with the motif starting from the center. Top varnish and glue for decoupage

Mix acrylic paint to achieve the desired shade. The toothpaste can be used as a white paint

Glass does not paint,

At the edge of the motif spend liner to give a three-dimensional glass effect

Draw along the edge of the glass liner

Liner distinguish the outlines of certain motifs

Sprinkle glitter liner

Do not forget about the glass stem)

That’s all)

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