DIY: Yarn sparrows and bullfinches

Such material size of 9cm to 12cm. Wound yarn to the back on the long side, for breast and wings for short. I mixed for the wings gray with brown.  grabs only the wings. Fold back and breast Tie a thread color. Knotted breast. Crumples the paper. Hugging her wings. From above impose the breast with the back. If you need the thread I correct . I did not frequent.

Make and trim the thread. Knotted wings. Making wire legs. Obmatyvaem. teip feeds you can thread. Make holes with a sharp object and paste it  nose and eyes of the seeds beads. Bending fingers can sit on a branch. Bullfinch did the same. But titmouse:
In addition to the back, wings, and breasts we still have a small white lump for .Ego I just reeled on two fingers and cut. Apply on the breast and secure. Impose on the back. Raise the white thread with blue and tying. White cut the thread shorter. Well, after all as a sparrow in the previous microns. And you get is such a bird.

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