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DIY: Handmade frame from origami paper



For the manufacture of frames with a diameter of about 21 cm., We need five sheets of pale yellow and 5 sheets of green paper format A-4 for triangular modules. From a single sheet obtained 16 rectangles measuring 5 cm to 7 cm. So, for the yellow blanks necessary to wind the 80 modules for the green-70. We connect the modules to each other, rounding them up and slowly forming a circle. The fastening is not very tight! Clay did not use! The diameter of the resulting circle is equal to approximately 23 cm. Furthermore tightly connect the modules. The circle becomes smaller, about 21 cm. Likewise, we do green preform. It consists of 70 modules and will be less. Its initial diameter of 21 cm., And the final 19-cm.

Now, our framed need something like glass. We do it out of a dense book covers. The main thing that it was flat. Cut a circle with a diameter of 18 cm. It is better to make a blank paper and then cut around it, so as not to puncture was formed by the compass in the center.

Putting all three elements of the frame.

In the pale yellow blank, the internal circuit, as close as possible to the edge to put the PVA glue.

Glue the transparent circle. Smoothes everything to be exactly. PVA glue allows this, it is not directly grasped, and in which case, an error can be corrected. On top of the transparent film to apply the adhesive, so that it fell on the “glass”, and modules. Top glue green procurement. Presses more tightly to the glue grabbed. This is the front side of the frame. And wrong side. Further, the cardboard cut out a circle of diameter 19 cm. Cut curved scissors that looked spectacular. Apply glue along the contour of the frame from the inside, but only half (pictured ruler marked limits application of the adhesive). Glue. In the final frame should have a window. This picture will be inserted. The last step pedestal. I’m doing it here on such a scheme. Cut along the lines outlined. The dashed-line fold line. Bend like the picture. To stand is desirable to take a thick cardboard. I board not tight, so do double. Bend, apply the adhesive and glue.

Decorate the frame.

Practical advice: better to frame the stand to stick at the last moment, after the frame is already decorated with flowers. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient to stick the flowers, leaves, etc.

Frame made complete with packaging for chocolates. That’s a set turned.

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