DIY Chiffon Fabric Peony Flowers Video tutorial

Increasingly, hair ornaments girls use flowers. But the life of a flower is short-lived and probably would be mad extravagance to buy flowers to decorate for a day. Try on the fashion trend as possible and more accessible way. We offer you a simple method of making a color from the fabric by hand. We do not need special equipment to do so.

To create a flower chiffon material required:

  • chiffon;
  • needle and thread;
  • a pair of scissors;
  • cardboard;
  • petals sketch
  • a marker for tissue;
  • a piece of foam.

Fold Chiffon eight additions, anchoring pins at the edges. Then the cut cardboard blank (pitch). Further, the pitch at encircle tissue specific marker, which is easily washed off with water. Once all the petals carved, decomposed advise of size. To make the edges of the petals rounded, treat each over a candle. After starting to collect the flower. Now what we need and foam, it will act as a holder for needles, on which we will string all the petals from a larger to a smaller size. Once all the petals are used, it is necessary to fix the thread. As a result, we get a flower similar to the living tissue of the peony.
The woman is transformed on the background of flowers! And no matter how you will use: in a bouquet, a brooch on the chest or in the form of hairpins.

Hope you like this tutorial.

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