How to make coconut shell bracelet – Step by step

This tutorial shows how to make coconut shell bracelet. Making jewelry with their hands out of scrap materials is very economical. And if the material at hand and more natural, and the eco-friendly. Total – triple benefits: environmentally friendly, economical and exclusive decoration.

Materials and tools: coconut, jigsaw, sandpaper, paint in the tank, acrylic paint, lacquer furniture, brush.
Step 1: Select coconut
Should choose a coconut on the following criteria:
first of all pay attention to the size of a nut, as he later will have to be worn on your wrist;
the nut should be a regular shape, smooth surface, without any defects.
Step 2: Select the desired width of the band and we put two pencil circle perimeter.

Step 3: hacksaw or jigsaw make two cut severely on labels.

Step 4: delete the contents of the inner blank.

Step 5: treat an outer surface with sandpaper to obtain a smooth surface smooths cutting places.

Step 6: The cover the outer portion of the preform gold paint from the container.

Step 7: treat an outer surface with fine sandpaper. The structure has a hollow coconut-veins. After treatment, sandpaper the paint will remain only in the veins. Get a nice natural and unique pattern. Cover the outer surface of the preform acrylic lacquer.

Step 8: After drying acrylic lacquer cover furniture varnish in several layers to form a hard glossy surface.
Important! Furniture polish is quite aggressive, so if you put it in a layer of acrylic varnish, and paint directly on top, it will corrode it, and the whole picture will be erased.
I specifically did not varnish the inner surface of the bracelet. That, in addition to the beautiful natural pattern from the bracelet, was still and pleasant coconut flavor.

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