Sew a triangle loop round neckline

How to sew a triangle loop round neckline for kurthi :

DIY Handmade mini backpack coin purse

Make a Mini Back Pack Coin Purse and Key Chain. Sewing Tutorial in Pictures.


How to make organizer for the needlework

Beautiful organizer by our own hands? Let’s see how it works.

Base 2 parts – Binding cardboard.

Then, from the same cardboard carved pocket 3. Has made scoring folds, then a linen cloth, plastered all three pockets, used for this purpose glue Moment Joiner. Gum helped fix sidewall pockets, until the glue dried up. For home decor used thin cardboard, covered with a contrasting fabric. Then, in front of the foundation construction knife made slit width of the slit – the thickness of cardboard. Example – all came up)))) View from the inside out. I removed pockets and pasted the same linen cloth, the front of the base. The edges of the cloth, so as not to crumble, fixed with adhesive gel Moment. Pockets into place. Now the most interesting – the decoration of the organizer, side pockets on the front, decided to make the needle bar inside – foam. Then you have to take care of the thread – where to put them. For this I took – the piece of wood and bamboo sticks. Drill a 45 degree angle holes and plastered cloth strip, then he has done with an awl holes, under the pins. Glued pins – super glue. Trim that I have left over from cutting pockets, all went to work. For Kant, I cut cardboard, 0.7 cm wider than the edge of the base and the first taped contrasting fabric, then a cardboard edge and closed his protruding cloth. It remained for the small – to close the second portion of the base, the back side of the organizer. Thank you that made it to the end.


How to make cute backpack

Hello. Today I want to share with you another master-class on sewing a backpack. Not easy, but in the form of cartoon “Smeshariki.”
Required Material:
– Fleece white and pink (three colors);
– Calico
– A piece of black fabric. Anyone have any home;
– Polyethylene foam density for a backpack that would keep the shape. I took with lamination (foil) It is denser. For sale in DIY stores;
– Belt Feed – 2 meters;
– Two straps for a regulator;
– Castle;
– Hollofayber, stuffing hands, and feet;
– Scissors;
– Threads of white, black, light pink and dark pink;
– Sewing machine.
That pattern handles, legs, ears, and muzzle. We print on the A4 format.

Also, we need a circle with a diameter of 25 cm. Cut out a light pink fleece 2 circle. Do not forget to leave the seam allowances.

Polyethylene foam is cut just two circles with the same diameter.

And of calico – two circles

Now we start to cut out parts to muzzle our Nyusha. Cut the white fleece eye. There is already no allowances.

From dark pink fleece cut out forever. Still not sew, but only try on.

From mid-pink fleece cut out the nose.

From dark pink fleece – hair.

From mid-pink fleece cut out hearts.

From a piece of black cloth cut out pupils.

Mel, I said, where that will be.
Now we join the circle of fleece, foamed polyethylene sheeting.

Between fleece and foam polyethylene you can put a piece of foam or padding polyester. In the area of the eyes and nose, to give them volume.

Sew together the details – on the edge.

Now you can sew muzzle. Let’s start with the eyes. Sewn zigzag pink thread.

Sew nose and hearts, the same thread.

Eyelids and sew hair dark pink thread.

Black thread sews pupils.

White thread zigzag stitching adds shine eyes. And dark pink thread embroiders nostrils.

Chalk mark the where will be in my mouth.

Sew mouth zigzag dark pink thread.

We sews their zigzag dark pink thread.

Here and ready to muzzle. It remains the case for small.
Cut a strip of 54 cm x 6 cm of light pink fleece, foam and polyethylene sheeting. With SEAM.
(54 cm length is measured along the circumference of the light pink – from hair to hair 6 cm. – Thick backpack)

On the fleece, I mark as hearts will be located in the continuation of a circle. (You can just leave – pink stripe)

Interconnected strips and sewn around the edge on the machine.
Cut the mid-continued pink fleece heart.

And sew zigzag on their previously marked spots.

Now cut two strips of 26 cm x 2,5 cm of dark pink fleece, foam, and polyethylene sheeting. With SEAM.
(26 cm – the length is measured along the circumference of the dark pink – from hair to hair)

Sew together along the edge

Now! these strips sew lock.

That’s what we’ve got.

Cut out the legs, arms, and ears.

Sew on a typewriter, and a gut-wrenching.

Stuffed handles and legs. The hooves fill more tightly and closer to the body more freely.

Examples of the body. Very cute Nyusha get …

Make a pigtail.
Cut the dark pink fleece strip 13 cm x 20 cm. Sew one end of the pipe and dressed with inside 6 cm.

Take the lane to the castle and try on our future pigtail.

We sew zigzag. What would braid was the volume, rather than flat, sew around the circle.

Ponytailed we will deal with later. And now to the circle with a muzzle sew handles legs and ears

Here’s what happened.

Prepare straps – straps of our backpacks. We put in the control belt tape. And cut the ribbon for the loops. The edges of the strips can bend and sew on the machine that is not dissolved. A fire can burn. The last option is the best.

Here are all our items. Left just a little bit.

Now sew the strip to the circle with a muzzle. Of course, you first need to make a light pink band with a dark pink, so it will be much easier. But I’ve done a little differently.

Fix a strap on the second circle.

And sew it to the band. It turned out that’s what. Wrenched Nyusha. And we admire the result. Front. And the rear

But that is not all. It is necessary to finish the braid. That is to say to restore hair.
Hollofayber stuffed pipe (not tight)

Grab the matching colored, sewing threads and contractible in two places.

The tip of the pigtail cut into strips.

And decorate the bow or flower.

But that’s not all. It remains to sew the lining. It is best to buy the backing fabric, but I used what was – calico.
Cut to the eye a bit more than our backpack. Sew along the sides and bottom.

Insert the lining into the backpack and hand – neat stitches to sew up to the castle. One side… And on the other Backpack ready !!! That’s the beauty turned.


Sew Chinese-Style Jacket Button Ideas

Oriental style jacket, made of intense pink dupion silk. Simple pattern with 3/4 “kimono” sleeves, front closure with buttonholes and buttons, side seam pockets and openings in the bass, and is trimmed with a “live filling” of red color, all around it.

Detail of the interior polished (Views of the front and the hems) Detail of the front closure

Handmade covered buttons tutorial-

To make this type of buttons, we must have as a base, a button lined with the same fabric to be used, and a strip to the polished bias, approximately 5 to 7 mm. Wide.

The first step will be to hold the principle of the strip in the center of the button and on the base fabric. We continue lining the button, overlapping the next turns so that they join in the center, where we will hold with some stitches. We finish covering the whole button, and sew the last turn through the back of the strip, being careful not to move the needle to the outside. Backwards: We pass the strip of cloth between the turns of the lattice, and we cut the excess length. Finally, we firmly tighten all the fabric turns, uniting them together so as not to leave any visible “chassis” space. We also try to free the “eye” or “clip” where the button is to be sewn. This will be the finished button appearance, the reverse. And finished button appearance.

Hinged loops without hassle

Traditional buckle on elegant dresses, including wedding, is mounted on hinges, which are sewn very close to each other. A fastener of this type can be done in different ways. It is placed on the arms, back shelves before or, at the cut skirts and t. D. To take the hinge pins purchase braid, soutache. There is another option, you can sew the hanging loop of Rulik, which is made from the same fabric as the product.

How fast do hinged buttonholes. The author makes the workpiece with loops on a sheet in a cage:

how to quickly make a hinged buttonholes

– Out loop through the cells and paves the line; – Surplus cuts; Bend the paper, watching what happens in finished form;
– Then, this billet nastrachivaetsya to its rightful place, the paper is removed and we are all the same tabs!

How to make mini yarn purse

I wanted to make something out of left over yarn from my Yarn Monogram Wall Decor project. The yarn was in baby pink, hot pink and purple color. These colors were beautiful for some girl’s accessories. So I decided to make a purse. Few days back I had made a hand bag using bath tissue paper and people really loved the idea. In that project I came up with an easy way to make paper yarn out of toilet tissue paper and used braiding technique to make a hand bag. Lot of people asked me if the same bag can be made using a more durable material. Yes! This time I have used the same technique to make a hand bag using yarn which is robust and pretty at the same time!

Required Material:

    • Yarn in 3 different colors
    • Beads
    • Needle and thread
    • Cloth for lining
    • Scissors


      • You can watch complete video of the procedure at the bottom of this post
        • Cut 10 strands of yarn about 1.5 feet long in each of the three different colors
        • Tie 10 strands together at one end. Three groups of strands should be formed in three different colors.
        • Start braiding (interlacing) three groups of strands to form a tight plait.
        • make six such plaits.
        • Next step is to connect all these plaits to each other forming a sheet of plaits.
        • Place two plaits next to each other and add around 10 stitches from top to bottom at equal distance. Every time you add a stitch, add a pearl bead in the stitch.
        • Connect all the braids to each other.
        • Next, keep the sheet of braids over a lining cloth
        • Fold the sheet of braids in half by lifting the bottom side and putting it over the top side.
        • Fold the lining cloth as well
        • Attach lining cloth to the sheet of braids by hand stitching it on left right and top side.
        • Once the lining is attached to the braids, stitch open sides on lining cloth on left and right.
        • Turn the purse inside out and it is ready


How to make pot holder for kitchen

With a few clicks with simple materials, you can create lovely pot holder for kitchen

Required Material:

  • Cloth, fabric lining
  • Needle, thread, scissors
  • pushpins


Measure and cut 2 egg-shaped piece of fabric, 4 shaped cloth bag, lining cloth 1 and 2 ovoid shaped cloth bag liner as shown.

Turn face to the formation of two pieces of cloth bags (No. 1 and No. 2) against each other, then to the back lining pieces. Rating 3 straight edge piece of cloth.

May through 3 layers of fabric in the form of sugar, from the edge of about 5-10mm. Flip the fabric back to No. 1 in the middle lining. May 1 class just fixed up. Turn into 2 cloth bag next picture above Place the egg in the lining between the two layers of fabric egg, then place 2 part cloth sewed shaped fixed pocket lining into place as shown in Fig.

Using a fixed pin, use a piece of cloth fixed needle 2 pieces of fabric into cloth bag shaped ovoid. Then reverse to hide stitch. Wish you success with instructions simple sewing potholder for Kitchen!