How to make a recycled cardboard dollhouse

RECYCLED CRAFT: An amazing dollhouse from cardboard.

What I share with you today are of those things that when I see for the first time leave me speechless. Unique things, creations that surprise you completely. What they see is a beautiful dollhouse … I can not believe? I was like! But let that show them.

This is a very special creation. It’s a dollhouse Victorian style . Its creator, Caroletta, is a lover of houses for dolls since childhood and this creation took him a week to do it.

All emerged as a concern of what could be done with materials he had at home, which was similar to what she did small to make their own dollhouses. And came leverage a cardboard box that had made purchases online.

The result is a true work of art, is not it? At the base material, the box, he added papier mache, acrylic paint and wooden sticks.

I can not help but feel admiration for your work! And see a step by step how he did it.

Hope you like this tutorial. Stay tuned with us.

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