Beautiful butterfly wall art

Items we need Double side tape, Pencil, Scissor, Chart paper of any color or as many colors as ur wish. U can make it colorful too. Here I m showing u method of a bigger butterfly.Cut a piece of chart paper 10* 10 cm. Then fold it from middle Then draw half of butterfly design using a pencil. It will be the back portion of a butterfly.

Then cut like this. Open the butterfly, n do finishing. Take 5 cm double side tape Stick this double sided tape on back part of butterfly like this, covered double side tape should be used to stick this butterfly on the wall. Once u make all the butterflies. Then u can paste these on the wall at one time. Make any design using these.Butterfly wall art, around 60 butterflies of different size. I used smaller butterflies in making the tail of heart. Then remaining used in ascending order.

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